Rules and Regulations for Panorama Garden and Village Complex
October 2021

These rules are in draft which will be agreed at the next AGM.

These rules are to be agreed at the next Annual General Meeting due in October 2022 to benefit all Owners, Tenants, and guests of the Complex. They have been reviewed by our Management Company and our Solicitor to ensure they are legally enforceable. Anyone breaching these will first be spoken to and reminded of their obligations, if this is ignored a letter will be sent reiterating the breach, explaining necessary remedial actions, and giving a deadline for compliance. Should the breach continue a Solicitors letter will be sent. If no resolution can be reached legal action may be taken to facilitate a resolution. There will be no right of appeal.

Pets and Animals
Owners and residents can legally own two pets per apartment.
1). They are required to ensure these cause no nuisance to others, including noise and fouling in Communal spaces.
2). No pets are allowed live on balconies or in the communal areas. This does not mean your pet can’t have access to your balcony, but they should not be locked outside or live there permanently.
3). We actively discourage owners feeding the local feral cats. Not only does this result in them being a nuisance around the Complex but also stops them hunting and keeping down vermin such as rats around the Complex.

To ensure the complex retains its identity as one of the area’s premier and most desirable residential complexes the following must be adhered to:

1). The outer complex walls and communal areas were painted in specific colours on construction and must remain in these colours. This includes the walls of the balconies.
2). A list of these colours and supplier are available from the Committee and Management Company
3). There are no exceptions to this and anyone not complying will be asked to return the walls to the correct colour. Failure to do so will result in the work being carried out by the Management Company and the cost will be billed to the owner.
4). At no time should the any Communal area be painted without the permission of the Committee

Swimming pools, Gym, and Tennis Court
1). Access is restricted to owners, residents, and their guests. Owners and residents will be held accountable for their guest’s behaviour and will be charged for any damages caused. Opening hours of the facilities are 8.00am – 8.00pm.
2). Maintenance Fees must be paid, or an active payment plan be in place. The access cards of anyone in arrears, without a payment plan in place will be suspended and are they required to pay a €50 fee to have them reactivated.
3). Children under the age of 12 must always be supervised by an adult and any child at the pool alone will be asked to leave and their parents warned.
4). Please respect others on the complex and keep noise down and remove any litter or inflatable toys on leaving. Inflatables may be confiscated if left behind.
5). There is no diving allowed.

Please challenge people you feel are not entitled to use the facilities and respectfully ask them to leave. If they refuse, please report them to the committee.

1). Residents specific parking bays are detailed in their deeds. It is the responsibility of new owners to obtain these details from their solicitors on purchase.
2). Entrances to the blocks should not be blocked by parked cars nor should access to the communal toilets, to ensure access especially for emergency services and wheelchair access etc.
3). Oversized vehicles should be safely parked away from the complex.
4). Access roads should not be blocked and parking on the communal areas is not allowed. Spaces marked with a PP (Private Parking) sign are for visitors use, not spaces for second cars, boats or storage.
5). Parking bays should not be used for major car maintenance.
6) Boats can be stored safely and securely in your parking space but alternative arrangements made for the parking of a car off site.
7). No construction is allowed in these areas without the permission of the Committee. This includes storage and the blocking in of the surrounding area of the parking bay.

Roof Maintenance
1). All owners are responsible for maintaining and replacing, at their own cost the following:
a) Water tanks and pipework
b) Solar Panels
c) AC Units
2). They should ensure these are clearly marked with their apartment number and where possible keys made available to a trusted agent and contact details of the agent lodged with the Management Company to facilitate emergency contact regarding to damage, leaks or flooding etc. Monthly apartment checks are also recommended.
3) We advise water taps and cisterns are regularly tested to prevent stagnant water in the tanks, reducing the risk of water borne infections e.g., Legionnaires Disease.
4). New units should be placed on bricks or a raised platform to avoid damage to the roof surface. All old equipment and cables removed from the site and roofs in the event of new equipment being installed. Failure to do so will result in them being removed by the Management Company and the cost will be billed to the owner.
5). No items such as aerials, satellite dishes etc. should be fixed to the block roofs. This causes structural damage resulting in leaks and costly repairs.

Communal areas
1). These are defined as the gardens, roads, walls, pools, gym and tennis courts, along with the communal corridors, roofs and roof terraces of each block.
2). No alteration of these areas is allowed, they are the responsibility of the Management Company and Committee.
3). All communal corridors must be kept clear of trip hazards in case of the need for emergency evacuation and owners disregarding this will be warned and asked to remove them. If they fail to comply the items will be removed and the cost will be billed to them.
4). Fire doors on all corridors must always be closed.
5). Roof spaces should not be used for storage and the Committee reserves the right to request removal of items causing nuisance to others or likely to attract vermin. In the first instance owners will be asked to remove the items but if they fail to, it will be removed by the Management Company and they will be billed for the cost.