Emergency Procedures

Fire safety (Evacuation) procedure

Call the fire service immediately on 112

  • Activate the fire alarm if present and/or alert other residents/tenants/guests.
  • (Note this complex does not have any fire alarms, it just has smoke detectors)
  • If safe to do so leave the fire area immediately. Do not try to tackle a fire yourself.
  • Be aware of the danger of smoke inhalation, keep low to the ground below the level of smoke drifting in the corridors, if available use a damp towel or cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
  • If safe to do so, assist anyone in immediate danger.
  • Close all doors behind you to confine the fire.
  • Use exit stairwells to leave the building. Do not use lifts.
  • If fire is blocking the evacuation route find a safe place to wait for the fire service to assist, this can be a balcony or roof area but ensure all doors are closed behind you.
  • Follow evacuation plans to meet at the designated safe evacuation point.
  • Notify person in charge (committee member or member of fire service) If there are any disabled residents/tenants/guests requiring evacuation.

Fire Safety Precautions

  • Make sure you have a fire blanket in your apartment
  • If you own a fire extinguisher, ensure it is of the correct type and is checked regularly
  • Ensure fire doors are always closed
  • Make sure you know the escape routes and the evacuation point
  • Inform your visitors or contractors of the evacuation procedures.
  • Do not leave electrical items switched on overnight or when the premises are vacant
  • Do not smoke in the premises

Panorama Complex Paralimni Emergency Procedures